The Impending Storm

Excinere is a land of wild adventure where reclusive elves, mysterious satyrs, industrious dwarves, and men pursuing commerce and wealth dwell in relative harmony. Perhaps the fairest region of Excinere is the secluded plateau of Sliva Campestri. Fenced to the north and south by the dwarven mountains, the rolling plateau between them is the home to many prosperous towns and villages. But with every light, there is a shadow, an ever-present darkness lurking behind the beauty. An evil, known only to a few, has haunted the land. Few who find themselves among these shadows escape to the light . . . except for William Tarkington.

When William was young, an attack on his family's farm destroyed his home and left him an orphan. Such was the beginning of William's long road to his role in the mighty guild of Johnstown where he will encounter the shadow once more. 

The long trend of violence around Johnstown --Campestri's most prominent city --has increased of late; and William will be put on the adventure of his life to find the cause. He will need every bit of his training and nerve to restore peace in the resource rich region of Campestri. He will be part of a select group of guildsmen assigned to find the menace behind all the bloodshed. However, they are blind to who they truly work for and to the real enemy behind it all. This quest will open their eyes to a greater conflict, but such knowledge comes at a grievous cost.